Thursday, April 25, 2013

365 Project | Day 115 | Abstract

So my whole idea was to take my tripod to the festival and get a great shot of the ferris wheel/ fun fair for today's 365. 
Except the ferris wheel was barely moving and I forgot my tripod. 
So this, right here, is an abstract handheld shot of the top of the ferris wheel. 
Photographers, don't judge.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Andrew & Keri | Weddings | Assistant Photographer

In February I was very fortunate to assist Eileen from Brightgirl Photography with a wedding at the same venue (Providence, Midlands Meander) where Christiaan and I got married just a few short months before.
This was the first time I would be photographing/assisting at a wedding and I was completely overwhelmed. 
But Eileen put me at ease and soon I was photographing and assisting like nobody's business.
Weddings are a lot of work. But there's something so special about photographing all that emotion, love, togetherness, family and beautiful moments.
This wedding had all of that... and so much more.

The theme for Andrew and Keri's wedding was French/English country kitchen. Keri is the gorgeous blogger behind Midlands Musings

Thank you Eileen for allowing me to assist you at this gorgeous wedding. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 365 | Day 102 - 104

It's been a horrible weekend; sitting behind a computer screen all weekend is not cool.
But fortunately I got out for a few shots over the weekend and a photoshoot prior to my week(work)end. 

On Friday , I photographed a gorgeous matriculant before her big evening. Photos coming during the week.  

How I felt on Saturday afternoon. 

Still not done (Sunday, 5.30pm) but a break for a few snaps of william and husband playing fetch. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

365 Project | Day 101 | Lived to share the river story

Today we went down to the river because I thought the willow trees made for a photo that mirrored the weather.

Dreary. Miserable. Depressing.

We stopped on the main road and took a walk down, but in search for a better angle, we drove around and followed along the riverbed till I found a good enough angle of the trees.
Now anyone in Newcastle knows, this is neither the safest nor the most hygenic place to be. 
It's ridden with homeless folk, horny couples and one or two criminal-looking fellas.
But we took the chance. All for this 365 Project! 
So anyway... the willow photo was rubbish. The trees looked filthy and the river even more so. 
No surprise there. 
As I turned to head back to the car and resort to another plan for my 365, I bumped into a rugged-looked man. 
To say the temperature dropped another 10 degrees would be an understatement.
Husband was too far from me. 
It was just me and ruggedy-face.
Along the Ncandu River.
I could already see the Advertiser's front page next week. 'EDITOR DUMPED IN NCANDU RIVER'. That probably wouldn't fit; EDITOR DUMPED.  

I exaggerate. 
Thank goodness.

Ruggedy-face wasn't all that scary and just wanted to do some fishing along the bank. Of course, this fascinated the husband and he landed up chatting to the man about the barbels Ruggedy was about to catch in the filthy river. 
What would he use to catch the barbel? Earthworms. 
So while husband went, "Ah! Cool!",  I went, "Ah, let me see..." and snapped them up with my camera.  365 Project sorted for the day.

Kinda gross, I know. 
But at least I lived to share it. 

The photo you probably would've got today had I not bumped into Ruggedy: 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

365 Project | Days 95 - 100 | Catch up

Playing major catch up here! But here's six photos that I haven't uploaded lately. Two are taken with iPhone. :)

 Taken with iPhone

Another one taken with iPhone. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Errit and Michelle | Engagement

Errit and Michelle are getting married later this year and wanted a few engagement photographs for their wedding guestbook. That's such a creative and clever idea (Brides: Book your e-shoots!). 
These two are gorgeous together and while editing, I couldn't help but smile along with them. 
Good luck Errit and Michelle with all the final planning!