Sunday, December 30, 2012

Trent, Erinn and Nathan | Family

You may remember one of my first shoots I did with Trent in his backyard and sandpit. 
Last week, I got to photograph him again as well as his two adorable baby cousins, Erinn and Nathan at their grandparents’ home. 
Erinn and her parents live in Durban and six-month old Nathan and his mom and dad come all the way from Knysna so it's not everyday that this family gets to spend an afternoon together around the pool. 
Thank you for opening your home to me and I  hope you treasure these photos forever.


Ah! Look at those faces! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Ruan, Jana, Marna and Jaco | Family

A yawn is contagious. So is a genuine smile. 
You know the kind that stretches right across a person's face and just radiates happiness? 
These four have that kind of smile. 
Thank you Ruan, Jana, Marna and Jaco for letting me capture your happiness and love for one another in such a fun shoot. This is the reason I took the leap into photography - to capture moments as special as these. 
I couldn't help but smile when I edited these photos. I hope they make you smile.

PS. Would love to read what you all have to say - feel free to comment below.