Saturday, April 20, 2013

Andrew & Keri | Weddings | Assistant Photographer

In February I was very fortunate to assist Eileen from Brightgirl Photography with a wedding at the same venue (Providence, Midlands Meander) where Christiaan and I got married just a few short months before.
This was the first time I would be photographing/assisting at a wedding and I was completely overwhelmed. 
But Eileen put me at ease and soon I was photographing and assisting like nobody's business.
Weddings are a lot of work. But there's something so special about photographing all that emotion, love, togetherness, family and beautiful moments.
This wedding had all of that... and so much more.

The theme for Andrew and Keri's wedding was French/English country kitchen. Keri is the gorgeous blogger behind Midlands Musings

Thank you Eileen for allowing me to assist you at this gorgeous wedding. 

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