I've tried it before but this time, I'm really going to try.
My New Year's resolution is to take part in the 365 Project | A Photo A Day.

What is the 365 Project | A Photo A Day?
Exactly that - a photo a day. Each day for the whole year, I will post a photo  here on this page as well as on my Facebook page. Around the world, thousands of photographers are doing it. It's a great way to improve your photography. A photo a day keeps boredom away!

Won't I run out of ideas?
Probably. The point of this project is not only to improve your photography but to also document your life for a year. Some websites recommend you take a self portrait once a month. That's at least one photo every month. But I'm also not going to be setting myself up for failure and so, I've done a bit of preparation. I've googled and pinned a few 'monthly planners' that I'll be following for some daily creative ideas.

Like What?
I'll photograph my Scotties a lot. And my cats. Counting my monthly self portrait, that's already six photos a month sorted! But I'll also photograph things that capture my eye; my daily life, my office life, my way home, my home, my photo sessions and everything else I'll find on my way.

Will I only use my Nikon?
Probably not. I've got my iPhone constantly attached to my hand so I think I will use that too. But I'll clearly mark if I do so you'll be able to tell the difference.

What if I can't get online to post my photo?
It's going to happen that I might not be at my computer to upload the photo. But as long as I take a photo on that day and upload it later, that's ok.

Can you do it too?
Of course! I'm certainly not the first to do it and am looking for others who are willing to take on this challenge too. If you do, please let me know so we can follow each other and make it easier when/if we're stuck for ideas.

So here goes. Happy New Year to all of you!

To view my entire 365 Project so far, click the category 365 Project on the homepage. 


  1. Good luck! I am attempting this as well. I finished a Project 52 this year so why not step it up and do a 365 for 2013 right? :)

  2. Thanks Sarah Strader! Good luck to you too! Please share your page so I can follow!

    1. Here you go! http://sarahstrader-project365.blogspot.com/

  3. Awesome xx all the best Tanya, enjoy :)

  4. Hi Tanya,

    Im trying to get started with this. Just need to sort out the blogging side of it. Never done this sort of thing before but am very excited! Any tips for blogging.


    1. I'm very new to it too but the best advice I can give is to personalise your blog to your liking and to write even if you think no one's reading!

  5. Excited to follow your progression through this year! Found you on the link-up over at Click It Up A Notch...

    I'm starting the 365 for the first time this year too. You'll find me over at http://laurels365project.blogspot.com. Stop by! :)

  6. Found you at Click it Up a Notch. I'm trying it for the first time, too. I love your eye for macro/detail shots. I'm excited to keep an eye on your work!


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