Thursday, March 28, 2013

365 Project | Day 87 | I know, right?

 Do you know how difficult it is photographing something this delicious?

Seriously, whatever you're planning for supper comes no where near to this.

Ohhhhh myyyy wwoooorrddd! 

This is one of Posh Nosh's most highly recommended dishes and cannot be matched by anyone.
It's the kind of meal that makes your tummy smile! It's the exact dish that has made hundreds of tummies smile.

Posh Nosh Boerekos
Chicken and Mushroom Pie
Pumpkin Fritters with cinnamon sugar (Another legendary Posh Nosh side dish)
Green bean bredie with potatoes and onions. (Ah! It's soooo good!)
Garnished with fresh herbs. (Literally. I saw Chef Koot pick them.)

Posh Nosh Cafe prides itself in being a kitchen away from home. Dishes like bobotie, beef and beer pie, beef goulash, curries, crumbed pork chops and the most delicious creamy green beans are all served regularly. Every day is something different. They're all favourites and I think this is just one of the reasons why Posh Nosh is so unbelievably popular. 
That and their good food, great value and chocolate brownies. 
Of course, there is so much more that is so unique and special about Posh Nosh but I think it's best you rather visit it yourself. 

Posh Nosh Cafe is situated at Riverside Service Station, 34 Albert Wessels Drive or you can contact them (did you know they do take aways? Ka-ching! Husband will think you slaved in the kitchen all day!) on 034 375 6642/ 034 375 6642.
They also do incredible platters and cakes. 
Visit them on facebook by clicking --> here <---

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

365 Project | Day 86 | Posh Nosh Muffin Lovin'

Today was crazy. After the  normal Wednesday rush of planning and putting the Newcastle Advertiser together, my team and I put together another 20 page newspaper. 
Exhausted is an understatement. (And they're still going by the way, tweeting the Mayor's budget speech to the town - they deserve a treat!)
So anyway... there I was absolutely starving, completing layout of our agricultural newspaper when I remembered, with much horror, my 365 Project! 

Fortunately, Jana (lifesaver) had delivered two perfectly delicious muffins to the office and I just hadn't seen them yet! 
Thanks Posh Nosh for today's treat - they're delicious! Yip... I'm eating one of them right now. I think I earned it. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

365 Project | Day 85 | Heavenly Brownies

Ah two of my favourite things! Chocolate brownies from Posh Nosh Café and fresh cut lavender! 
Who can resist a slice of Koot's chocolate brownies? 

This is the ultimate sweet confection for any chocoholic and a little treasure piece that Posh Nosh whips up to get everyone coming back for more. 

I have never really considered myself a major chocolate lover but man alive, this stuff is delicious! It's the richest, gooiest, choclatiest (ahem) piece of Heaven EVAAAA!

Remember to follow Posh Nosh Café on Facebook. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

365 Project | Day 84 | Posh Nosh, For Sure!

I was recently contacted by Jana Vorster ( from the Holi powder family photoshoot) - the mastermind creative mind behind Horse Shoe Guest Farm and Posh Nosh Cafe. 
Jana is full of brilliant ideas and this may just be one of her best yet (for me at least). 
Posh Nosh Cafe, owned by her uncle and Newcastle's most loved chef, Koot has sponsored my 365 Project for the week!

This means... No last minute run-around to find something to photograph or no sleepless nights stressing about the next photo of the day (I'm not even kidding). But it also means more than just that...

What it means, is a meal/treat every day for the next week to photograph! Yes please! How could I possibly ever say no?
So from fruit, to food. This is the first of this week's 365 Project | Food theme.

And what better way to start off with than with a healthy-serving (read gigantic) slice of delicious carrot cake. I promised my husband he could have this slice after I was done photographing but thought I'd have to have a taste to at least give you all an honest review. 
A few bites later (!) and I can, without hesitation, say that this was the most deliciously spicy and moist carrot cake I've ever scoffed down!  

Mmmm... delicious! Go get yourself a slice. Trust me.

Ps. Follow Posh Nosh Cafe on Facebook <---- click click <---- to see (drool over) what's on the menu daily. They've got a competition coming up soon too!

365 Project | Day 82 - 83

There aren't enough hours in a day. I've been loaded with work lately but not that I am complaining.
Loads coming up on the blog including two stunning engagement shoots and a wedding as well as a massive announcement for my 365 Project! 
These two pics round up my fruit week. Thanks to those who nominated a fruit.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Horse Shoe Guest Farm and Wedding Chapel | Weddings

Newcastle has long been overdue for a new wedding chapel and venue for couples to say their 'I do's.'
What better place than in the foothills of the untouched part of the Drakensberg in the picturesque Normandien farming area?
Horse Shoe Guest Farm is well established in Newcastle and known for its hearty meals and warm hospitality.
More recently, the guest farm has established a stunning wedding chapel. And let me say, it's nothing like NKZN has seen before! 
 This is what Horse Shoe Guest Farm has to say about the chapel on their website:
"The chapel had been on all our minds since February 2010 when our grandmother passed away. We've always wanted to build something in her memory and to celebrate her life and  what better excuse than to build it to celebrate the wedding of the granddaughter carrying her name!" 
Horse Shoe Guest Farm is the ideal location for a farm wedding. Go fall in love now! 

Click here to visit the Horse Shoe Guest Farm website. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

365 Project | Day 73 - 77

It's been a crazy few days! Here's my 365 Project catch up!

In between all the madness, I celebrated my birthday. Having had no time to bake a birthday cake, I resorted to a birthday McFlurry!

New theme: Fruit

Monday, March 11, 2013

365 Project | Day 70 | Green

Yesterday's ginger biscuits = Stepdad's birthday present. 

Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing by my mama. She rocks.